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Strategic Leadership and Management

Strategic leadership and management is the collection of decisions, actions, processes, policies, adjustments, and resources directed by the senior leaders to fulfill an organization’s mission and achieve its objectives.

The critical tasks of strategic leadership and management include:

  • Defining, establishing, and sustaining a motivating culture that invites and rewards its people to be fully engaged with the organization.
  • Defining and communicating the strategic direction throughout the organization.
  • Anticipating forces and trends in the external landscape and assessing the internal climate, capabilities, performance, proficiencies, and capacity.
  • Defining goals and objectives that reflect the organization’s future success and profile.
  • Developing and analyzing courses of actions that will achieve the goals and objectives.
  • Selecting the right course of action based on reasonably available resources and the constraints of the internal and external environment.
  • Modifying the organizational design and business operations, as appropriate.
  • Delegating appropriate responsibilities and authority and allocating resources according to the assignment of goals and objectives.
  • Implementing the actions, routinely monitoring changes in the internal and external environment, regularly collecting and processing management information and, when necessary, adjusting plans.

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